Getting down to business

I hope you’re surviving the hurricane! Botetourt county is doing well. We had some mist yesterday and some ominous looking clouds, but that is about it! I am definitely praying for my east coast friends. Don’t go outside please.

It’s been a busy week for me! Last week I moved from Salem to the tot. It was tramatic. Tears were involved. It was also tough because I didn’t feel like I had anything to do and I got restless. Most people would be excited to have a week of relaxation, but not this girl! I found myself aimlessly going to the YL office for no particular reason. A few times I showed up and moved a couple piles of papers around in attempts to make myself believe that I was being useful. Needless to say, it failed and I was still restless. A large part of my sadness came from the fact that cubby and I have been separated for a long time. He is on vacation at my friend’s house until I get his room in the new house in order. However, there were several highlights from my first week living in the tot. For example, first sleepover with Cate Harris, sleepover with Hanc before she left for college, campaigners, first contact work at JRHS volleyball game, and working on the house that I’ll be moving into! Once I get moved in I’ll post some pictures. I got to pick out the paint for most of the rooms and it’s looking pretty fresh. My favorite part is the closet that I painted bright orange.

I got to go to Lake Champion this week for New Staff Orientation overnight. We spent almost as much time driving there as we did in meetings. Totally worth it though. We learned about what our jobs will look like for the next year or so and it was exciting! We go to here from John Wagner who is a big deal in the Eastern Division, along with a few other regional trainers. It was really helpful and I left feeling encouraged and excited about being in Botetourt. While all of these seasoned Young Life staff men were telling us about our job and how it’s the best job in the entire world, I had so many thoughts running through my head. First thought was..”crap, there is no way I can learn how to do all of these things that Young Life staff people get trained to do.” They gave us a lengthly area director job description and I got stressed. However, they reassured us that there is no way we will be expected to be good at ALL of those things. My next thought was “there is no way I can be good at any of these things without Jesus.” I think that is my favorite part of this job. Unless my relationship with Jesus is my first priority, I’m doomed. I can’t think of anything better I could be doing with my time than this because it will force me to know Jesus more every day. Going into my time at Lake Champion, and really starting back in January, I had a hard time believing that I am called to this mission. I have constantly believed the lie that I am not good enough, qualified enough, kind enough, or close enough to the Lord. But this trip affirmed that I have been chosen for this job and that the Lord looks past my weaknesses and insecurities. I am so humbled to think that through all of my crap, the Lord still chose me to brush shoulders with the children that He loves and is fighting for at JRHS. I’m super pumped.

So today I had one of the best experiences that I’ve had so far in Botetourt. As some of you might know, I’m moving to Blue Ridge, VA this week into a house that a committee family is letting me live in for free. They are so sweet. This same family has also “adopted” me, which includes dinners with their family whenever I want as well as great fellowship and company. Today I went with Chasity and John (the mom and dad) to Chasity’s grandparents house. This couple is about 80 years old, but you would never guess it the way they looked and acted. The husband still runs his farm with the cows and his hay fields. We sat on their front porch in Blue Ridge and talked about the cows, the hummingbirds that were going nuts right outside of the screens, and all other sorts of simple things while the sun was setting. And this one cow kept hollerin to it’s baby it was so loud! I thought it sounded like it was dying, but the Grandma assured me that it was simply trying find its baby that it had set down in the field somewhere. I am thankful that I also can hear cows from the house I’m living in. They were probably the sweetest and most hilarious couple I’ve ever met. They also had a shadow box with hundreds of arrow heads that they found on their property. The Granddad said..”we are still looking for the Indian!” I hope I have more encounters with the local Botetourt county people because so far, the sampling that I’ve had has been pretty awesome!

Things that I’m excited for this week:

Moving into “tater town” and setting up the house

Being reunited with cubby

Cubby moving to “tater town”

Hanging out with Diane Brinkley

Going to UVA for a football game and to see my bff hanc


Going to JR for lunches and such

Also, here is the song I’ve been listening to over and over in the mornings. Its great. Jesus is great.

Thanks for reading my first (well, second) blog post! You are #1


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