When it rains it pours!

Well friends, it’s been raining here in Blue Ridge, VA for forever. Really it’s been about 24 hours..but it seems like forever! Turns out my road floods sometimes, making it interesting to go to and fro from my home!

On friday around 10 am I decided that I was too lonely to stay home all weekend by myself (without even my cat!), so I abruptly packed up and drove to my parents house for the long weekend. Unfortunately that meant me missing the River-Glenvar game 😦 Probably #1 on my list of things I’ve told myself not to do is tell kids I’ll be somewhere then not show up. Unfortunately I already had to break that rule of mine..and I’ve only been leading there for 2 weeks! I prayed on my way home that the Lord would redeem my failure and that my absence went unnoticed.

It was nice to hang out with my family for a few days. We went to the beach (well…river..) and my brother got stung by a jellyfish! This sparked my interest as to what other kinds of harmful creatures lived in the Potomac. When I got home, I promptly began googling sea life that could have been dwelling in my swimming area. I happened upon an article that had picture evidence of an 8 ft bull shark that was caught right in the river! What the heck! Needless to say, I will NOT be swimming there any time soon.

On Monday on my way home I stopped in C’ville to deliver a parcel to my friend Hanc. I also got to enjoy some Bodo’s and some Arch’s froyo! While there, someone asked me if I liked my job on YL staff. My natural response was “YES DUH! It’s the best job ever! Every young life leaders dream!”

But then when I got to thinking, I decided that I want to start being more real with people about my life and how I really feel about what I’m doing…even in little things like not brushing off questions by giving the answer that they expect. Don’t get me wrong, this is, in fact, the job that I have been praying for for over a year. I mean, what young life leader doesn’t want to get paid to hang out with high school kids?

Of course I knew going in that YL staff is much more than just hanging out with kids. But the other parts of the job are still pretty awesome! For example, today I got an email with 2 assignments that have to be completed by next Tuesday when we go to the beach for the first Commonwealth Region staff time of the year. First assignment, talk to our trainers about how they set goals and what that looks like for them. Second assignment, memorize Colossians 1:16. Isn’t that the best? Memorizing scripture is part of my job. Awesome. So, those are just a few of the incredible things about what I get to do for the next 2+ years.

However, I don’t want you to get the idea that as soon as you go on YL staff it’s all butterflies and rainbows, if you will. I don’t think that all first year staff have the same experience, but I was forewarned about a few things that are happening, which leads me to believe that they might be universal. First, it’s been very lonely! There aren’t a ton of people my age here in Botetourt County. It also doesn’t help that I live pretty far out in the middle of nowhere. Alone. It takes me about 40 minutes to get to JRHS where I’m leading. In Salem, when I was feeling bored or lonely, I just shimmied on up to the high school! (Not that this was the only reason I would go..I of course went other times!) Unfortunately, on my modest YL staff salary, I cannot afford to go up to the high school any old time I want. This is something that will take some getting used to for me. I spent more time at SHS than I did at Roanoke College. Not being able to be at the school every day surrounded by high school friends has been very hard for me.

In sum: if you live within an hour of 354 Brickyard Rd. Blue Ridge, VA 24064 and you are reading this blog, you are summoned to come visit me ASAP. and even if you don’t live within an hour, still come visit. I could use some company!

Other than feeling lonely, hard things about my time in BTOT so far include: learning to manage finances, trying to get on the sub list in Salem, unpacking my house, and not feeling like I have a lot to do.

If you are a person who prays, pray for that list of hard things! I know that the Lord did not make a mistake in calling me here, but sometimes it feels like it!

As weird as it sounds, I love where the Lord has me right now. Not just physically, but emotionally as a result of the physical…

Obviously I don’t like to feel lonely, stressed about $$, etc. However, I know that because of these things I will get to see the Lord in ways that I wouldn’t if I were still in college in my house full of awesome roommates (and Cubby), leading at SHS with the girls I’ve known for years, and living off of my parents $. (If I’m honest, the last one is still a little true..woops!) I’ve only been here for 3 weeks (that long already?!) and I’ve already experienced Jesus in ways that I never have. I’m learning so much about myself and who I am in light of who Jesus is.


Sorry if you feel like I sound complainy about my job. Hopefully the last part redeemed it? I will post pictures of my finished and furnished house asap! Also, if you are looking for a craft, this is what I will be working on this week/weekend!

check it out!

Peace and blessings.



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